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No registration Fee till July 2020

As we are registering teachers for August 2020 session

Please watch this to get your answers for FAQs https://youtu.be/qqHCEkW2Bag

Please email copy of utility bill, Cnic front and back , passport size photo and educational documents from Matric to Masters on danielhometutorservices@gmail.com

Dear candidate thanks for your interest in employment with the www.tutors.com.pk

Registration with www.tutors.com.pk

Free Registration has 75% (payable in two installments1st month 50% and 25% second) commission one time from 1st Fee on every tuition, and personal meeting required for Karachi Tutors at Memon Goth, Malir Cantt check Post 3 Road, behind Karachi Public School near KN Academy International Campus, Memon Goth, Malir Police Station Road (video message or live session interview if personal meeting isn’t possible)

Non resident Tutors of Karachi are required to send video message or live session interview about their introduction in English Language

No registration Fee till July
As we are registering teachers for August session

Paid Registration Fee Home Tutors Rs. 1500 bi-annually (valid for six months and for 3 trail demo arrangement with students by agency.

Service Charges/ commission policies from paid members

if there is any increment in the fee of the same student or any other siblings starts to study or tuition availed from our contact that was shared from Daniel Home tutor Services at first place. Daniel Tutor Services will charge commission and services charges for that new assignment received and would not be treated as a direct tuition.

Direct tuition of tutor is only by his own reference not from our clients’ reference.

Online Tuition: 50% from 1st fee decided on any tuition referred and 10% monthly from that tuition.

Home tuition
50% from 1st fee only on any assignment/tuition for more than 1 month (i.e. 12 classes , 3 days week)

30% from 1st fee only for single payment on any assignment for a Tuition less than month or lump-sum course fee

Service Charges on Job Placement
60% commission from 1st Salary on any job assignment

Post dated cheque required before Demo in school Refundable if job isn’t placed

Refundable if no tuition referred in 6 months (not refundable if tutor fails in 3 demo trial class for the referred tuition)

School Teachers Rs. 2000 as processing fee for any job application
Refundable if job isn’t placed

Kindly read the terms and conditions of ‘DANIEL TUTOR SERVICES ’ to avoid misunderstanding or unpleasant scenarios, at any later stage.

We sincerely believe that you must go through it thoroughly, understand and clarify the doubts, before registering with us.

* The minimum eligibility criteria for a tutor to be a part of DANIEL TUTOR SERVICES is that he/she must at least be University undergraduate or O’level qualified.

• DANIEL TUTOR SERVICES will not be held liable for any confusion or inconvenience caused between tutor and the parent’s.

• Tuition will be forwarded according to the qualification, experience, preferred subjects/classes and preferred areas FACEBOOK & WHAT’S APP GROUP.

By agreeing to our terms and conditions, tutor allows us to send them assignments any time. Only if you are sure that you are able to commit, then reply us YES.

* Due to a large number of registered tutors this is also possible sometimes that a tutor is referred to a tuition and unless he/she doesn’t finalizes it, he/she can’t show interest in the next tuition. The same rule will be applied if the tutor has taken any tuition details during last 7 days.

• Tuition fee will be decided with the mutual consent of the parents and the tutor, considering , days/week and timing with consent of the student so it all depends on the home tutor’s potential and willingness because “Luck is what when opportunity meets preparation”

• DANIEL TUTOR SERVICES will monitor each tutor strictly and filter out those from our team that are not responsible or credible. Any tutor, against whom we receive numerous complaints then their registration, will be canceled.

• Female home tutors should take enough care and make an intuitive decision before taking up an assignment to avoid any kind of future unfortunate event if any.

• A registered tutor’s performance as a quality tutor will be the sole criteria for their future association with us. We will try to offer more opportunities to a tutor to prove his/her skills as a deserving tutor.

• DANIEL TUTOR SERVICES reserves the rights to terminate any assignment. Legal action will be taken against tutor who breached the terms and conditions try to deceive the agency or fail to make payment.

• By registering, you accept that you are entering into a contract with us based on these Terms and Conditions.

Membership of Free membership holder tutors will be automatically canceled if they opt for two tuition one by one or simultaneously but fail to get any of them.

Membership is valid for six months; BUT has to renew his/her membership after a period of six months, if he/she wants to continue getting tuition by just submitting the Bi-annual membership fee of Rs.1500

Every tuition detail is Confidential. After taking contact details, If TUTOR leaves the tuition, he/she has to return it to the academy by proper information; he/she can’t exchange/handover it to any other person.

For betterment of Academy, rules can be modified at anytime about which tutor will be informed as per requirement.

Academy will not be responsible for any mishap happening between tutor and client.

A tutor who is willing to join DANIEL TUTOR SERVICES must not involve in any such business at his own on commission basis otherwise he can’t continue tutoring under the umbrella of this academy.